eLearning Technologies Center

The eLearning Technologies Center, or ETC, has been designed and built in fulfillment of our eLearning technologies grant from the Meyer Memorial Trust.  The rebuilt production facilities and purchased equipment have been specifically designated for use by faculty who are creating multimedia content for delivery in our Clark College Canvas LMS.

ETC Picture Tour

The ETC is capable of producing and supporting the following online deliverables or activities (support staff available on-site, with subsequent file processing and captioning for delivery to your students in Canvas):

  • Quality Screencasts – easy-to-use Camtasia set up for capturing your computer screen and voice in a private audio recording booth with professional quality mic (document camera and direct-draw display also available); all post-recording file processing/streaming/captioning handled for you
  • Studio Lecture Captures – staff assisted video recordings of full lectures with studio lighting, wireless audio, dual wall mounted cameras, and “Smart Classroom” lectern for instructor slide/image control.  Also available is a whiteboard, as well as blue screen walls that can be used for superimposing a background image
  • Audio Recordings – fully equipped professional recording booth for producing either simple user operated recordings, podcasts, or staff assisted mixed recordings
  • Various Multimedia Productions – studio floor furnishings can be rearranged for a variety of productions including guest speaker interviews, photographic stills, activity demonstrations… or use your imagination
  • Panopto – a three frame video platform for education that combines screen capture, lecturer, and supporting notes (record in our studio or from your desktop)
  • Podcasts and Vodcastscheckout a belt clip or armband mounted iPod Touch for simple classroom audio recordings, or use its camera for video recordings to capture an activity outside the classroom
  • Video Streaming – using the editing and processing tools in the eLab, we can upload your audio/video content to ETC’s private Amazon cloud, allowing efficient streamed delivery in Canvas (instead of downloads or DVDs), thus providing bandwidth scalability when large numbers of students are viewing all at once
  • Virtual Meeting and Conferencing – also available is a specially equipped private ITV room which utilizes video teleconferencing equipment and/or Zoom meeting software, allowing travel-free presence in distant meetings, group conferencing opportunities, or webinar attendance

The ETC consists of two main areas, the studio and the multimedia lab, each with a smaller adjoining room for more focused activities.  The chart below lays out the equipment and basic accommodations.

eLearning Technologies Center Accommodations
Studio Booth Multimedia Lab eDen
Smart podium
StarBoard Display
Wall mounted cameras
LED studio lighting
Chroma-key walls
Wireless mic
Large monitor display
Document camera
Videoconference – ITV
Mobile computer cart
Conference tables
Seating for 6 to 8
Sound dampening
PC w/ webcam
Professional mic
Direct-draw tablet
Document camera
Camtasia software
Adobe Flash
Acrobat X Pro
Tablet draw software
Desk w/ 1 chair
Editing console
Mac Pro
Capture displays
Camera control
Video switcher
Audio mixer
iPod docking
Flatbed scanner
Final Cut Pro
Adobe Flash
Acrobat X Pro
Seating for 2
Large display
Videoconference – ITV
Mobile computer cart
DVD player
Wireless internet
Window wall (Studio observation)
Seating for 4

All faculty who are creating multimedia content for teaching in our Canvas LMS are welcome, however, priority will be given to those teaching our online and hybrid credit courses.  Services will include scheduled technical support staff as needed during production, with post-production file processing, closed captioning, and uploading to the designated online repository.  Also available now, for checkout to faculty teaching with Clark College Canvas, is the iPod Touch 4G (fully equipped for mobile lecture capture) and Logitech webcams.

It’s our hope that you’ll discover a new version of your performance art in the virtual classroom and we look forward to you visiting this creative space and its technologies soon!

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Aerial Map Location of the ETC