Click to download FirefoxGetting the right web browser set up and running is critical to your success with online coursework.  Mozilla Firefox is the browser of choice and is at the top of our recommended list for Clark’s Canvas as it presents the fewest issues for our users, with Google Chrome as the 2nd choice or utilized as a backup for Firefox.  Most issues with quiz taking, assignment submission, content viewing, and discussion forum displays can be attributed to not using the latest version of Firefox.  Note that using an outdated version of Firefox could cause issues as well, so keeping it updated is a good idea.  If you’re not sure which browser you’re using, click here to learn what you’re using to read this post.

Firefox installs easily for PC and Mac and comes setup for access to your online courses.  You can still use another browser as your default choice for surfing, but to go to class, just fire up Firefox and access Canvas with that instead.  Click the Firefox logo above to download and install.