As you probably know, most online services at Clark require an activated student Gmail account and Canvas is no exception.  All student Canvas accounts automatically have your student Gmail address entered by default and the email address cannot be deleted.  This means you must activate your student email account in order to receive forgotten password reset notices and email messages from your instructors, an important mode of communication in an online class.  If you prefer to use another email account to read your mail, you can set up forwarding in your student Gmail account or add an email address to your Canvas profile.  Step-by-step instructions to set up Gmail forwarding are found here and the directions to add an email address to your Canvas profile are located in the Canvas Guides here.

To make sure you’re ready for the first day of class, check out your student Gmail account and get it set up and ready to go…

Activate Student Gmail AccountActivate & Setup Your Free Student Gmail Account

For help, contact the TechHub
Phone: 360-992-2010
Visit (open during the quarter): Cannell Library